which is


of the Medieval German Sorceres
Fully Revealed only to the Adepts of Our Times by

Ordo Algolis Interstellaris
vel Infernalis.

Copyright by Frater Algolis, Pontifex Maximus Ordinis Caputis Medusae.
All rights reserved.  No part of this book or of the tarot deck may be reproduced in any form without prior permission in writing by the author or publisher.

Published by K.O.R.
P.O. Box 2070, Decatur, GA 30031

If you dare to violate this copyright or the copyright of ANY OTHER FAUST MATERIAL, or IF YOU ARE IN POSSESSION OF ANY FAUST MATERIAL THAT HAS BEEN PRODUCED IN VIOLATION OF THESE COPYRIGHTS, you will be AUTOMATICALLY the target of the most powerful magical attack possible!  The magical trap, staffed by the spirits of hell, is wide open and waiting!


 You are about to be introduced into one of the best kept secrets of medieval Germany!  This secret is the Infernal Tarot of Doctor Johannes Faust!
 For the first time, this powerful tarot deck appears in English language.  Besides its use for divination, this deck is an excellent tool for the most powerful spells of a destructive or constructive nature!
 To have access to the full power of this deck and to gain the knowledge of how to use it for spells of a very special kind, you need to be a member of the O.A.I. (Ordo Algolis Interstellaris vel Infernalis).  This is necessary, because only this way will you gain a connection to THE SOURCE!  Once connected to THE SOURCE, spells are much easier to cast, and more effective!


 Since this book is about spell eneergies, I consider it neccessary to point out a few important things.  There are people out there who preach a lot of bunk, especially when they have the gall to condemn the casting of spells as being evil!  Moreover, there are others who want the benefits of spell work, but only from a "white witch," of from some reverend or priest.  They think that when they work with someone who claims to be "of the light," the egoistic purpose of their spell is somewhat white washed, as if egoism was a bad thing.
 It is a sad thing to see how many people are brainwashed into having a self destructive illusion:  the illusion that most things that are for their own good are "evil" things.  People of this kind became firm believers in the benefits of self denial.  Yet the needs to survive and to pursue happiness are still there.  Not all of these needs transmute easily into some illusionary blissful EXPECTATION of future fun in an illusionary heaven.  Religious ecstasy can bring a lot of excitement, SEXUAL EXCITEMENT!  If you cannot believe that, then take an unbiased look at the sadomasochistic symbolism found in all religions.  There is a problem with religious ecstasy.  Although it can excite people to the utmost, it usually fails to bring about a release of the sexual tensions after they came to a high.  Such procedure makes the follower a junkie who does not know the nature of the excitement who is continuously longing for more, hoping that with the help of some miracle he or she will find release.  The failure to bring gratifying release after excitement is the reason that religious ecstasy is one of the most unhygienic procedures when seen from a sex economic point of view.  It is unhealthy, filthy, on a psychological as well as on a physical level.
 The suppressed ego is striving for more and more.  A suppressed ego becomes easily distorted.  The god PAN who symbolizes the natural drive to gratification is immobilized for the benefit the coffers of some religious hucksters who rightfully fear the horned god!
 Many people succeed in suppressing their ego almost totally.  But the ego still has its demands.  It is amazing to see what type of incredible mental acrobatics these persons can develop to justify the simple fact that they still feel that satisfying their ego is important!
 There is no negativity at all in the healthy expression of the needs of a healthy ego.  If you have suffered from religious indoctrination for too long a time, you may need to carefully monitor your first steps of a newly freed ego.  When the horned god breaks his chains, all the rage of being suppressed for such a long time may break through with violence!  That's usually the point when the religious huckster does some finger pointing and says:  see, I have warned you!  That's the devil!  You must mortify your flesh, give up your ego, and give me all your money!
 If allowed to act naturally, the oldest of the gods (PAN in Greek mythology) will be more gentle than any one of the life negating rigid "angels" who do nothing but fatten the bank accounts of religious hucksters.  The ancient Greeks still knew this:  their myth of Pan, the universe reflects it.
 Knowing this, you need no longer be impressed by those who say: "I am of the white light (god, christ, and what not ...), and I never will have any negativity around me!"  Those folks are the kind of people who do not understand the functioning and the nature of cosmic forces.  Worse yet, usually they are also the kind of people who are in the forefront when it comes to lying, stealing, cheating, and taking advantage of others.  This shows that cosmic forces are neutral in essence.  It is the human being which, in misusing these energies, becomes "the wicked one."  An objective look at the lifestyles and destinies of the majority of the white lighters, jesus freaks, and other religious morons, helps you realize very quickly what breed of hypocrites they really are.


 Modern magicians and psychologists recognize the devil, infernal spirits, and demons for what they are:  universal energies (archetypes, according to Jungian psychologists) that are neutral.  It is the people who decide to do an evil which in itself is relative.  In their pursuit of evil, many people of our times actually use angelic energies and they do so in the name of their god.  Think of the blessing of canons and tanks:  a practice that is a good source of public relations and, above all, money for many churches and preachers.
 LaVey and others recognized correctly that the devil is an expression of the human ego on an archetypal level.  It is a valid antidote to collectivist repression by organized religion:  a repression that is symbolized by the deities of organized religion and their demands.


 The infernal spirits exist.  They are here to be used.  In fact, if you want to cast a successful spell for business, love, or any other human endeavor, YOU NEED SOME DISHARMONY TO SUCCEED!  You need the energies that represent your ego in order to succeed!   Spells or talismans with angelic beings exclusively are worthless at best.  This is simply so because ANGELIC BEINGS LACK CONNECTION WITH THE EGO AND THE DYNAMICS OF SUCCESS.  THEY ARE RIGIDIFIED IDEALIZATIONS THAT ARE HOSTILE TO LIFE, THEREFORE POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS TO THE HONESTLY STRIVING EGO.  They are good for the churches and therefore necessarily evil for the individual!  You cannot make money or have fun while chanting Hallelujah in front of the throne of a god who throughout history consistently supported the rich and helped those in power here on earth all the while he was making promises of a rich after life to the dispossessed.  THEREFORE:


 That certainly is not something that you learn in Sunday school.  Nor do you learn that in any other of the institutions of a repressive power structure that tries to brainwash you into believing that collectivization is all there is.  How often have you been told how good it is to sacrifice yourself so that you can "grow" into something better on the future, or in order to go to heaven??!!
 Such teachings are certainly very valuable:  for those especially who are not vulnerable to their "details," namely preachers, corporations and people in power.  These are the people who had NEVER even the slightest idea of sacrificing THEMSELVES in the name of the "highest good."  That's a socio-economic fact.  To live a happy life you need to be aware that both, interaction with society AS WELL AS YOUR INDIVIDUALITY are important!  In other words:  self love is crucial for your health!  It makes you happy.  You will invite opposition from others only if you are out of balance and too self centered.  Opposition from others can lead to problems and to loss.  Therefore it is good to invite such opposition only if you are strong enough to afford it.  STRENGTH - that's what this booklet and the infernal tarot are about.  Optimal interaction with your environment to your benefit means that you need to mobilize all your forces available, and that you need to constantly increase your forces, in quantity as well as in quality.
 The spirits that represent you as a distinct individual are an important part of your available forces.  These are the spirits that powers of forced collectivization (religion, ideologies, corporations, government, etc.) always considered to be "evil."  This is so because spirits that work for you do not help THEIR goals of total destruction of you as an individual.  "Give us your soul, your service and, above all, all your money, then you are certain to be in heaven AFTER you die.  THERE, in the hereafter, in heaven, will you have all the fun that you are forfeiting to us HERE AND NOW."  Do you understand why heaven can only come AFTER you die?  As long as you live, you are of use to religious hucksters.  If your next door neighbor asked you to give him all your money, forfeit all your chances of happiness and wealth, so that you will have a life in abundance and happiness on the Moon some twenty years from now, would you follow his request?  Of course not!  Yet there are millions and millions of people who do exactly that for something even more elusive than the Moon.  Religious hucksters make a hell of a lot of money promising the ultimate bliss in some never land.  Not only that, but with some very skilled tricks they manage to totally control the minds of their victims.


 Doctor Johannes Faust's infernal tarot deck represents the energies that traditionally have been condemned and vilified by those who had a vested interest in doing so.  The energies, or entities, of Doctor Johannes Faust's Infernal Tarot are the energies that strengthen your individuality, your true ego, against the onslaught of collectivist suppression.  That's why organized religion hated and feared these forces for centuries.  That's also the reason for this deck being underground for such a long time!
FUTURE!  Such a reading tells you about YOUR WEAPONS FOR SUCCESS, POWER, AND HAPPINESS!  This type of reading is realistic, not idealistic!
 Remember well:  A religion, or a philosophical system that concerns itself in the main with the IF and WHEN at the expense of the HERE and NOW is not worth any serious consideration.  You have no hope for the IF and WHEN unless you learn to control your HERE and NOW.  To gain control of the HERE and NOW you need to allow the unfolding of forces and spirits that represent your true ego.  This makes more sense than clinging to the life and joy killing powers of organized religion.  If you have a lawsuit for damages, you would certainly not hire a lawyer of whom you know that he gets most of his money from the insurance company that you are suing.  That would be utterly idiotic.  Yet there are still lots of people out there who believe that the spirits that represent religion would act in their best interest.  How foolish they are!


 Doctor Johannes Faust was a German sorcerer who lived some 500 years ago.  According to legend, Doctor entered a pact with the devil to gain knowledge, wealth, lust, and power.  In return he had to give his soul to the devil.  The true meaning of this pact is a different one from what pious legend tries to make you believe.  By entering this pact, Doctor Johannes Faust became aware that there is much more to life than self negating toiling for those in power and a self destructive power to a god who cannot listen to the prayers since he helps the powerful and the rich!  Giving up the soul means simply giving up allegiance to a destructive church.  Of course there are the people who consider the harnessing of the powers of the ego and of self preservation to be evil.  Those are the people who have a vested interest in perpetuating religion as a mean of suppression!  People of all times have made it a bad habit to incorporate the very processes of socio economic suppression in their religious law.
 To harness the forces of the ego and to pursue natural happiness is not evil.  It does not lead to self destruction.  Quite to the contrary, the person who frees him or herself this way lays soon a claim to that which those in power always considered their privilege:  wealth, luxury, power, and any woman or man they wanted.
 The black magician, like Faust, knows of that and he or she acts accordingly.  Therefore for centuries the church as well as worldly courts, have prosecuted and killed magicians.  Whenever powers of the establishment  were incapable of getting at the most powerful magicians, they made the general public believe that those guys were "evil" and that they harnessed evil forces and that therefore they would be punished by eternal fire in some illusionary "beyond."  This is quite a neat operation to save face!
 The common people, although not totally aware of the socio economic mechanisms under which they toiled, loved the legends of Faust.  They correctly saw in the Doctor their hero, or champion.  They perceived Doctor Johannes Faust very much as a Robin Hood who punished the establishment with powerful magic rather than with archery.
 I have translated into English language a classic German grimoire:  Doctor Johannes Faust's Miracle and Magic Book, or the Black Raven, or also called the Threefold Coercion of Hell.  The usual short form of this rather lengthy title is "Doctor Faust's Coercion of Hell."  This book is available from the KOR, Box 2070, Decatur, GA 30031.  The price of this powerful grimoire is $16.66, plus $3.33 for shipping and handling (a total of $19.99).
 In the following, I will introduce you to the second powerful work that I have brought from Germany to this country:  the powerful Faustian Tarot deck, which those who abused their secular and religious power feared rightfully.
 According to legend, Doctor Johannes Faust received this deck from AZIEL.  Aziel was one of the first infernal spirits that he conjured.  This deck is a powerful key that helps you command all the main spirits of the infernal empire.  Doctor Johannes Faust used this deck very much to achieve his remarkable magical successes.


 The best way to read this deck in within the context of a ritual that coerces the infernal spirits.  As is the case with any type of evocation, the spirits appear after you have created an atmosphere that is suitable for their appearance.  Unless you create their own surroundings, or atmosphere, within the evocative triangle, the spirits may not respect your authority as a magician.
 It is very useful to identify with the absolute power within yourself.  No, this absolute power has nothing to do with any gaseous mammal with a beard who resides above the clouds and who has a penis he does not use.  Identification of this kind means simply that you need to align the elements within yourself toward a single goal.  You find a very effective method to do that in my COURSE TO ABSOLUTE POWER.  You can order this six lesson from the KOR, Box 2070, Decatur, GA 30031, for only $36.66!
 When you create the magical atmosphere for an infernal spirit whom you conjure, you will do well to use some traditional methods such as reciting the Lord's prayer in reverse.  This is a nice thing to do for an "unborn-again Christian."
 For the "unborn-again" New Ager, it is nice to add a variation of the famous "Great Invocation."  It goes as follows:

From the abyss of darkness
Within the bowels of hell
Let Darkness engulf
The minds of men.
Let Darkness cover the Earth.

From the realms of Lust
Within the hearts of demons
Let the hearts of men
Be overwhelmed by Lust.
Let Lilith return to Earth.

From the realms where
The Will of Satan is known
Let Chaos guide
The little wills of men.
The Chaos which true masters love.

From the mess which we call
The race of men
Let the plan of Lust and Darkness
Come forth, and may Darkness
Seal forever the Door
Where Light is dwelling.
Let Darkness and Lust and Chaos
Bring back true Power to Earth.

 Although not medieval, this parody of the "great invocation" gives a neat new agey touch to an evocation of the spirits of hell.  They love it!
 The Lord's Prayer backwards is an AFFIRMATION OF YOUR TRUE EGO AGAINST THE DESTRUCTIVE FORCES OF RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION, COLLECTIVIZATION, AND ENSLAVEMENT!  The practice of reciting this prayer in reverse can create the proper atmosphere in YOUR calling of the spirits for YOUR success!
 SAY IT LOUDLY!  Better yet, say the LATIN VERSION in reverse:


 Now, after you have established the atmosphere for the spirits, you can proceed to the next step of the reading:  The laying out of the cards.  Again, it is a nice touch to use the lay out of


CENTER CARD:  Your problem, and the energies that surround the problem.
BOTTOM CARD:  The roots of your problem.  Things of the past.
LEFT CARD:  What's happening now.  The energies in action now.
RIGHT CARD:  What will come.
CARD ON TOP:  Your weapon!

 All you need to do now is to look at the divinatory meanings of the cards, and start interpreting!  A good practice is to do readings for others without their knowing.  This way you can spy into their deepest and best kept secrets.
 May the Lord of Darkness provide you with the success and fun you aspire to!

 The Infernal Tarot consists of four parts.
 Part one includes the cards one through six.  Cards from part one represent the spirits of the Great Infernal Government.  The SNAKE is symbol of this part.
 Part two, the cards from seven through thirteen, represents the seven Infernal Grand Dukes.  Their symbol is the TRIDENT.
 Part three, the cards fourteen through eighteen, represents the five Grand Ministers and Infernal Counsels, whose symbol is the BAT.
 Part four, the cards nineteen through thirty, represents the twelve Dukes, or provincial rulers, of the Great Infernal Empire.  Their symbol is the INVERTED PENTAGRAM.
 The first eighteen spirits connect with the 18 Futhork Runes, which is the most powerful Runic system in use.  If you want to be a perfect magician, it is imperative that you master this powerful Runic system!  Write the KOR for details!  The remaining twelve spirits connect with the twelve signs of the zodiac.
 Each card represents a spirit, its rank, number, complementary number, rune, color, and action for good and evil.
 Furthermore, each card connects with a tree, plant, animal, mineral, and many more things on the material and astral planes.
 All the numbers on the cards add up to 666!  The complementary numbers on the cards are 666 minus the number of the spirit.  In other words:  the number of a spirit and its complement add up to 666!  All the complementary numbers add up to 19,314.  This little known infernal number has some very special powers that we will reveal only to members of the O.A.I.!
 You will not find all these correlations in this booklet!  To have all secrets revealed to you, you need to be a member of the O.A.I. (Ordo Algolis Infernalis).
 However, if you know how to read between the lines, you will soon realize just how powerful the stuff is that you are privileged to deal with!

Click Here For Part II, The Cards

Informationen über die schwarze Magie, die Sie hier finden können -- Inhaltsverzeichnis
Schwarze Magie: Ihr Schlüssel zu überragendem Erfolg, was auch immer Sie sich vorgenommen haben !!!

Schwarze Magie ist nicht ...  Eine humoristische Beschreibung alles dessen, was die schwarze Magie nicht ist.   
Wir wissen ja, daß die Leute, die wir hier anführen, uns in diesem Punkt (und nur in diesem Punkt) zustimmen.  Wenn Sie Frotzeleien nicht vertragen können ... Sie brauchen sich#s ja nicht ansehen! 

Schwarzmagier zu Ihrer Soforthilfe, auch für die kompliziertesten Probleme!  Sollten Sie sich in irgendeiner schwierigen Situation befinden, in der sofortiges Handeln vonnöten ist, dann sehen Sie sich doch mal diese 
Information an!  Dann können Sie Ihren höchstpersönlichen schwarzmagischen Söldner engagieren und sich damit Ihre Chancen zum sicheren Erfolg wesentlich erhöhen!  Es werden Ihnen dann wahre Meister der schwarzen Künste, die jahrelange Erfahrung auf allen Gebieten der schwarzen Magie haben, zum Erfolg verhelfen, den sie sich schon immer so sehnlichst gewünscht haben.  Mit diesem kleinen Schritt kann Ihnen dann die mächtigste und wirksamste Hilfe gewährleistet werden:  eine effektive Waffe zu durchschlagendem Erfolg und zur Erfüllung aller Ihrer Wünsche führen kann.  Private schwarze Messen zur Verstärkung Ihrer Wunschmacht können ebenfalls arrangiert werden! 

Schwarzmagische Grimorien 

Sie wollen also schwarze Magie lernen: Hier finden Sie Informationen und Anleitungen zum Studium derselben! Wertvolle Informationen, die Ihnen in Ihrer Entscheidung zu einem erfolgreichen Leben verhelfen können! 

Sie wollen Ihr Leben der schwarzen Magie widmen: Information über Klubmitgliedschaft! Sicherlich haben Sie bereits festgestellt, daß wir in vielen Dingen nicht all das sagen, was wir sagen könnten. Wir akzeptieren nur Mitglieder, die mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind. Die schwarze Magie ist halt nicht für jeden Menschen!  Lesen Sie die Bedingungen! 

Mitternächtliche Klubversammlungen für Zauberei und schwarze Messen: Nur Vollmitglieder können an diesen hochsexualisierten religiösen Zusammenkünften teilnehmen.